Creating and Staging Various Productions and Events That Enrich the Soul and Uplift the Spirit

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Our Programs

As a Christian-based and family-oriented company, She Smiles Entertainment is dedicated to creating a wide variety of programs and events. These projects help to inspire, uplift, and empower the members of our community. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at our office in Austin, Texas today!

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Testimonials About Our Programs and Productions

“I am so excited for the new play 2nd Sunday: Playing for Keeps. It’s a really great play. There is a lot of emotions in it. It will have you crying and laughing.”

– Tey Johnson, Actress

“Tawanna, I am so excited about your play. I will attend with my mother-in-law and daughter. Let me know when you are ready for more T-shirt orders. I may need to order extra!”

– Kemberly

“I love plays. It’s been a year since I’ve seen a play! I can’t wait to see this play! Good luck! Oh! Break a Leg! Hazel Stallion Bye!”

– Tyshawn Stallion

“I am so proud of you and we are looking forward to seeing you and the others strut your stuff on stage. God is truly blessing you and allowing your path to cross others in a very positive way. GOOD LUCK Hazel and the entire cast.”

– Tori Tolbert

“I was initially interested in attending a new play, Phazes of a Woman’s Soul, Part II, when I learned that my new friend Yasha would be performing along with her daughter, Sy’Riah. It made sense to also see Phazes of a Woman’s Soul, Part I and Introduction to Part II. I made up my mind to attend both plays at the Boyd Vance Theatre in Austin this weekend. Ms. Tawanna Jackson, founder of She Smiles Entertainment (SSE), is the writer, director, and producer of these SSE productions. Her objective includes ‘helping people see themselves as God sees them. Love yourself so you can love others and allow others to love you.’ Her objective is delivered through inspirational theater, gospel music, and high comedy.

“This real-life drama is a skillful balance of complex relationships, soul-stirring gospel solos, and ingenious humor. The play started and it wasn’t long before I was engaged with the rest of the audience as we sat bonded together with the lives portrayed by the characters onstage. The curtain opened and the first act began in the living room of a handsome young man named Donnell who lives with his mother, Ms. Maggie, and his infant baby girl. He is struggling to overcome the hurts of his past. A poet, he shares his trials and his faith through a local venue. Donnell is friends with hardworking Tracie, a devoted Christian mom to five children. She is devastated by husband Corey as his philandering eventually catches up with him. Tracie depends on the support of her faith, church, and friends to give her the guidance she needs as her family life unravels around her.

“Both Donnell and Tracie have hearts large enough to make us want to go right up on stage and give them a big hug. They each have their turns at the microphone and we join them to ‘relax, relate, and release.’ Booyahs to all for sharing their gospel tunes, R&B songs, and energetic poetry. Through the skilled craft of the director and performers on and off stage, we were inspired to keep our faith strong, recover our self-esteem, and have some common sense! It was simply amazing to see how Ms. Jackson took all of us with her to visit these friends and loved ones with their less-than-perfect relationships and be reminded to love and forgive each other just as God loves and forgives us. Our hearts are encouraged and our spirits
are refreshed.

“Afterwards, it was a joy to meet the cast and a pleasure to meet Ms. Jackson. I told her that I cried, I laughed, and I could not wait to return the next day to see Phazes of a Woman’s Soul, Part II. Booyah! Mission accomplished, Ms. Jackson. Thank you for your generous donation to the Texas Baptist Children’s Home. Because of your support, we have this opportunity to share this event with you on Sunday night, June 27, 2010.”

– Suzanne Wood, Family Care Case Manager at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock, Texas

“Hey, Ms. Jackson. It’s your BFFL Yasha (Sheila). I just want to say I love you dearly and blessed to have a big sis like you. God has truly smiled on you. From the beginning, I knew you had a special gift and I've always wanted to be like you, even when I act like I don't want to read your pieces when you first finish them. You've gone from poetry to preaching your first sermon (I just stopped by to say thank you) to dancing to writing our church drama to establishing SHE SMILES! PHAZES IS ONLY A START.

“For my sake and every hurting woman and man you know, please don't give up on us. We need our stories to be told. Although at first, I have to admit I couldn't handle rehearsals because I felt my business was being broadcasted, you've helped me to realize that having 2 sets of twins and being recently divorced would be a testimony to many. I FEEL LIKE GOING ON! THANK YOU FOR LETTING GOD USE YOU! LOVE YOU, SIS!”

– Yasha Lockhart

Our Recent Work

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Standing Here by Ms. Tawanna Jackson

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Better Than He Can- Written, directed and Produced by Ms. Tawanna Jackson.

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2nd Sunday Playing for Keeps Book by Author Tanisha - Stage play written, directed and produced by Ms. Tawanna
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